Man and Firefighter Save Dog

Not JFD, but cool anyway.

GAW was contacted recently about a harrowing story about saving what is important in life…dogs.

There’s a guy, who shall remain anon. His house burning down the man runs back into the home to save his K9 friend.

Then my amigo told me the same story about the home burning down.

“Man, I’m sitting there spraying his house, 150 psi coming out of the nozzle,” he said.

(I’m nodding like I know the difference between 50 psi and 150 psi.)

“Then this tiny dog comes running out of the home.”

“Uh huh.” “It’s a rat,” he declared on the scene.

“It’s a dog! Save the dog! Don’t let the dog go back in the house,” people yell to my amigo.

“So, man, I spray the dog.”

End of story.

Man runs in building to save his burning dog.

Man sprays another dog with fire hose to save his life.

Same home.