Well,  Goliath had a plan to announce a competition and build up some suspence and what not with a new competition for winner of “Best Local Blog”.

Sadly, many of the good old blogs of yore have done dried up and blown aways…like dust in the winds.  The Oracle,  The J Pol,  Katoanon Commentaries,  Abbysnana, F.Y.I. Clark County,  JeffAllmylifes (notable for excellent weather coverage), The Coliseum Forum, the Sockpuppet Forum, Matt Chinn’s Blog,  The 411 and others.

These days we are down to only a precious few.  Gawnews,  The Batblog, the Clark County Chatter and various municipal ‘sites’.  If you wanted to you could include some others Roger Baylor’s  N.A. Confidential ,  and he highlights some local nutjobs and wails away at the crusty establishment that is New Albany.  Goliath enjoys Jimmyknives … a Clarksville psychopath,  and no doubt there are more.

So, for achievements in the blogging art,  this year Goliath gives the coveted “GOLIATH AWARD” to HT and his “Batblog”.   (note; Goliath had previously mentioned this possibility and HT immediately latched onto the idea and claimed he had won. Goliath toyed with the idea of reversing on old HT and awarding it to CCC just for fun. But that would go against every staunch principle of Goliath. Also, remember that Gawnews is NOT in this competition. It would be a conflict of innerst to give the award to Goliath’s blog.) In any case, as noted, HT done a good job ever since he got his ass banned from the CCC stirring up all kind of crap on his blog.  Many time this year Goliath is asked “Who is Hoosier Taxpayer?”  Well, Goliath not tell!  In fact, Goliath don’t actually know. But this year the answer will be “Hoosier Taxpayer? Why he’s the winner of the 2015 GOLIATH AWARD for best local blog!”gawaward2