Since it seems to have been ‘overlooked’  We here at Gawnews are making a special announcement rather than a mere ‘update’ .  After much controversy over possible shenanigans by the BB which impounded on the integrity of the page,  we have narrowly cleared the Batblog and it’s author, Hoosiertaxpayer of malfeascances and reluctantly and begrudgingly award the 2017 “BEST LOCAL BLOG” award to the BATBLOG.

the competition this year was interesting.  First there was a newcomer Southern Indiana Open Minded (what a dull Blog title! cost you points ANN)  Then there was “Jimmyknives'”   DyinginObscurity, which was a very first person tale of life as a mentally ill person living in Clarksville.  The writing was superb and could not be touched by ANY of the local blogs and indeed, was much better than most blogs or websites anywhere. Unfortunately,  Jimmy seems to have ‘unplugged’ and the site is down.  For how long?  Dunno.  Maybe when he gets his meds readjusted.   We hope so.

But that leaves the Batblog.   It keeps on churning out the local scuttlebutt in a responsible if slanted way based on the viewpoint of old “HT”.  Congratulations HT on a well deserved win!!!   2017 was notable because it saw the demise of the old Clark County Chatter.  Its seems that the blowhard petty tyrant (what was his name? I forgot…oh yeah Queeczar or something like that) ran the site into the ground.  Recall he banned people who did not fit his rush limbaugh infused world view.  Can’t say I am too sorry he’s gone and that battered bullshit line of the CCC.  I guess C C Carma got him in the end.