3000 year at Forecastle

So YMC scores us some awesome dad blasted Media passes and Goliath is like “Damn the heathern Gawds….now I got no excuse not to go to Forecastle.  So first we hit the Pre-show Media thing. This was more Goliath’s style. Laid back music in the background,  free whisky and food, some swag and what not talking to the youngsters who are in what passes for “Media”.  SO Goliath just start swilling back the whisky hand over fists as fast as can be.  YMC is trying not to be embarassed by the very old publisher he done brought with him. But, pretty soon YMC tell Goliath it time to go.  He wants to show Goliath something on his dad blasted post modern “i” phone that has little cartoons popping out of the hedgework and what not. Pokeyoureyeoutmon something or other.  Goliath like really cool with that. It turn out Goliath created a Pokeyourout STOP! Ha! Here it is ….find it and all kinda stuff can be had on your phone. Apparently discovered now by “Team Mystic” whoever they are.

Note how ‘gawnews.com’ appears in upper right of tagboard. HA!


So Goliath done planted this idea into the frail and susceptible mind of YMC and on Saturday when Goliath show up at the Forecastle festival,  YMC trying to take over THIS idea of Goliath!!! Forecastle 2016 - 0137 As you can see we, at Gawnews appear to be progressing from digital communications up to the real world of sidewalk chalk to spread our message. Sidewalk chalk ever so dad blast satisfying to giant fingers. Try it come by the Goliath tag board and let us know you were here.

Ok,  back to the story….Goliath wander around, once again drinking beer and stuff as can find no jagermeister nor no whisky what is free. Moving on then Goliath say. “We are journalists and we MUST find a story.  Goliath very very professional like that. Here is the first story Goliath find:DSCN0039  Goliath think this festival a very very good festival. He grade it 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. Good music, good weather and good fun.Forecastle - 0247