TALES FROM THE JAIL CELL : Undercover in the Clark County Jail “MONEY FOR SMOKES”

Intro: Goliath has friends in high and low places (as the song goes) and frankly some in the

‘low’ places have many quite fine qualities. However, life done took folks different pathways.

Drugs is the thing lays many low. This here is a tale from a FOG (Friend of Goliath) that

spent more than his fair share in the pokey.


So I will start with my first remarkable jail experience, The location was Clark County Jail

when I think Becher was still running the place. I remember that They had classified me to

the gang pod. Upon entering I was approached by a guy asking if I wanted cigarettes, ( at

this time you couldn’t smoke in the specific pod I was in), but the adjoining pod next door

was the girls, they were allowed to smoke you slide a 10$ phone card they will send two

packs of smokes.




My second time that was a significant amount of time rather then the typical week or so was

Same jail and Rodden was running the place in which I remember watching him being

plastered on the news in the pod. I spent 90 days this time. I was classified to 3C we were a

few dorms from the trustee block so naturally we had spice tobacco and suboxone. For a

drug in which has a street Value of 25$ they would go for 150$ in there, I remember hearingsmack

that people are paying a house mortgage on what they are smuggling in to jail and the “GreenDot” Cards. In my time there I seen a ton of drugs, I was a heroin addict and if I

wanted to shoot heroin I could have with the right money about half way in this 90 days the

jail started to get more strict. This time I only got in one fight and the guy had a black eye

and couldn’t get his food. But everyone in the pod got along, it was really a big party…


So then I catch charges in Floyd County. I was worried this time I didn’t know a soul in this  county and assumed I would be tested. But once they classified me I had saw a kid I grew up with that was a well respected gang member. So I honestly didn’t have to much trouble in there. I Had learned in my previous experiences that you should attach and hang out with the well respected gang affiliates. So I attached myself to a Arian he was patched up in the AB and was respected by the inmates as well as the guards. Floyd county is a huge difference then what I was used to in clark county here in Floyd you don’t get anything with sugar so that way we cant make hooch. The food menu only rotates a week when in clark it’s a different meal for a month. So like Saturday lunch was fish, coleslaw and beans.


brotherhoodEvery week… after about two weeks in I was offered to be a inmate worker. They hired me into the program, and wouldn’t you know it I run into another friend of mine, end up as his Bunkie, I quickly learned the underground of this jail. Where welbutrin and nerotin and zanaflex rule  the chosen drugs in here, of course we had suboxone and other choice street drugs that was in this jail and we were having cans of dip and these choice street drugs brought in. AS a worker inmate we had access to any part of the jail, only depending on what shift you had to have a guard present when anywhere near the two female pods. Of course there will be communication to the females.


“You have your choice of women”

And you have your choice of women. To this day I still talk to all the girls I had wrote while in jail. Not to mention a select few that had looked me up via social media. So in Floyd county the worker inmates don’t get paid, they work you 17+ hours a day and no pay… my typical day would be wake up at 6am get the trash from the pods get  the cleaning supplies and then after med call I would deliver sugar or food, in exchange for  these wellbutrin or nerotin. Then I would help deliver trays, this was my chance to see the females.


girl-inmatesMost the time there would be that one who got her tray ran to the room that was visible to us and she would be naked “ Showing out” as we put it, she would be doing the full show for us. This was also the time we would pass our letters in to the female pod. We would as you will see in this show 60 days in we would tape it under the tray or put it under the bread. When we were done we would pick up the trays in which the females letters to us would be in the trays. On rare occasions you would have a guard that didn’t care, once I went to take a towel to one of the female pods, the guard said go ahead that the sgt will be up here soon so when she is on her way up I will pop the door letting you know. So I spent 10 min at the bean hole kissing touching and feeling on the one female I wrote. All the other girls were jealous and one of them told on us. I didn’t get in trouble rather they asked and as a criminal I don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

So comes the day of the jail reckoning, they had got all the workers and detained us to strip search us and send us to the blocks.

They heard rumors of tobacco drugs and tattooing we had all of it and they found it people

were fired and we all got in trouble.


So the new group of guys were pulled out so I wrote my girl which is in Rockville prison and I still talk to. I would put a request in and withdraw it she would log in to my account and do the same we had sent over 800 messages in one day till someone again told on us. I was offered 400 days in segregation as well as her. To my understanding the longest amount of days handed down at one time.

Well just my luck.

Segregation is right next door to female seg so guess who they moved me closer to. That’s  correct the girl I wrote she would have someone pass food radios clothes and books all the  things not allowed in seg, not to mention we was able to get notes to each other and see  each other through the windows. I remember one day I was out of the block and I knew it was a new guy in the officer pod, so I had shut my door and hid by the blocks door well he let another inmate out and he had asked if he could come out and talk to him so he let him out to talk to him, at this time I snuck in the corridor between the females block, I sat there at their bean hole for hours spending time with the girl I was talking to until a veteran officer came and knew what was up. This is when they moved this girl away from me, so know the only chance I could see here is if I went to book in so I would act out so they would walk me past her.



I got tazed due to this I ran in the shower and kicked it on thinking they wouldn’t taze me… I was wrong that crap hurt.

I have learned that jail can be big money for the county, state and any offender or officer who wants to take the chance and get drugs in I know that several people have became pretty wealthy in the drug trade in jail and prison systems.


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