TRUE JAIL UNDERCOVER: Tattoo Charlie vs. Aryan Brotherhood

A new guy came into 3b back in 2011. Well he claimed to be the next tattoo Charlie. Well I figured this to be untrue due to the fact that he was covered in tats that looked like they’d be done by a kid in pre-school. The victim of his deception was an enforcer in the A.B.  (Aryan Brotherhood).  The job was a simple one, just to shade in something already outlined. Just stay within the lines. Not only did this guy stray outside the lines, he made hamburger of the enforcers arm. (Which means he was left with a scar) Well, this didn’t sit well with the enforcer. After the enforcer thought about the work done by the new guy, he decided to take action. The enforcers three piece combination would’ve rivaled one thrown by Ali. The new guy had to leave the pod with a broken jaw and nose.


——–*   would also provide us with rubbing alcohol so we be some what safe. We’d sharpen staples for needles and use the motors from kitchen equipment to run the tattoo gun.



*(name withheld to protect the person)