Trump by the Numbers: Who’s Moving to Canada?

Take a look at the numbers, American’s are moving to Canada in droves man!


Not really, but I find it interesting that as horrible, and awful, and black as President Obama was, more people considered moving to Canada as Trump came into office.

In the graph below you can see the Google search interest for “move to Canada” during 30 days leading to each presidential inauguration.

Obama ’08 is blue.
Obama ’12 is red.
Trump ’16 is yellow.

Also what is interesting is where people where searching. The following states searched for “move to Canada” in the 30 days before the oncoming inauguration.

Montana was scared of the initial Obama presidency. SCAAAARED.

By 2012 Wyoming had enough of Obama. lulz

And in the last 30 days, the folks in Wyoming are still ready to move to the promise-land up north.
Damn, people in Wyoming has clearly had enough of your shit America. They’re trying to move regardless of who’s president.

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