“60 Day Sin” by Erma Thrask

Salutations! cropped-BaptistGranny1.jpg Erma Thrask here!  Back to work for the heathen, Goliath and his shorter friend, YMC NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi (YMC photograph by Erma Thrask)

(I am told these initials stand for “Young Manly Christian” so I heartily  approve!)  Gawnews asked me to watch and review the new television programming called ’60 Day Sin”  as sin is, of course, one of my most acute specialties.  While I generally refrain from watching television programming, (except for Downton Abbey…oh..how tragic this wonderful series is coming to an end) I felt it was my Christian duty to weigh in on the topic of Sin as presented by the A and E network and our beloved local Sheriff,  Mr. Jamey Noel.  (I just love that his last name is synonymous with ‘Christmas’! )

So I traveled to the Goliath Compound where I was treated to hearty supplies of the egg nog Mr. Goliath had put by for me, and settled in to watch this program, notepad and pen in hand to keep notes on this presentation of sin.  My!  I must say…I was NOT dissappointed!

As the programming unfolded,  I first felt a shock that Mr. Noel and the producers were purposefully sending people into the jail to deceive the prisoners in Mr. Noel’s care.  But then, I stopped to reconsider how the Lord had sent Jacob in, disguised as his older brother Esau, to steal Esau’s birthright from the patriarch Isaac as related in the book of Genesis.  Apparently the Lord allows for the occasional deception* of others if the larger cause (maker of the chosen people versus Esau…patriarch of those filthy dirty Muslims) is worthy.  So my soul was at peace with the premise.

Then I saw that the programming was displaying and featuring a homosexual person…”Tami”  who is depicted as a manly woman who even kisses…on national television someone whom, I suppose, we are supposed to consider her ‘wife’ (?) and this all is presented as if there is absolutely nothing amiss.  This ‘person’ even has a metal bar in her ear…to add to the degradation of her soul.  (The Bible tells us our body is a temple and should be treated as such).   I knew things were going down hill at that point.

Later, the programming spent a good deal of time on this fellow, ‘D’autaine Newby” (sp?)   This person is obviously experiencing some sort of hormonal disorder as his bosoms were remarkably larger than most of the females depicted on the show.  (I cannot call them women…their basic beings were an abomination to any decent woman..what with their poorly coiffed hair and multiple visible tattoos…quite similar, I might add to  GG and more proof of the fact that tattooing on a female is a sign of moral decay and denunciaton of ones Feminity. Grumpy Granny I hope you are LISTENING).

Then we have a session where these ‘adventurers’ are coached on how to behave and ‘get by’ inside the bowels of the jail.  I noted, there was no mention of the prisoner’s first shield in the prison from time immemorial…prayer!    Not one word about praying or turning ones fate over to the Lord!  Need I remind this Sheriff and this programming that we have ample examples from the Bible of how one may survive the horrors of prison?  Might I remind “60 Day Sin” that all Daniel had to do was to put his faith in the Lord to survive being tossed into the prison cell with LIONS?  

Now we must note that the Sheriff apparently provides his inmates with towels,  shower shoes and a blanket…but WHERE is the BIBLE??? (King James Version?)  I note that not one of the inmates or spys was given a copy of the King James Bible to solace themselves with!!!    THAT …that is what is wrong with your Jail Mr. Sheriff!    From observing this ‘spectacle’ which appears at this point to merely celebrate SIN not remove it,  I predict nothing substantial will be in the offing as far as ‘reforming’ these heathen sinners…both of the Spy and of the Inmate variety.  Any improvements will only be short term Mr. Sheriff if you do not provide your prisoners with the shining example of the Lord’s word.  A stout copy of the King James Bible is all these prisoners need.

I shall end this initial review with the final comment “Sixty Day Sin” is at least, well and accurately named.


-to be continued.

*Jacob disguised himself as his older brother Esau by putting sheeps hair on his arms and face to simulate his older brother’s more hirsute countenance. The blind Isaac mistook Jacob for Esau and gave him the first son’s birthright.  Esau, bitterly went away and founded the filthy Muslim race.