“60 Day Sin” a review by J.W. Hardin

Greetings from HELL!  J.W. here  (my final photograph)

Goliath and YMC asked me to review the new A and E series about their local podunk Jail,  called 60 Days in.  As you all may or may not know, I was sent to

the Huntsville Prison …also known as ‘the Walls’ back in the day on some trumped up bullshit charges.   (The Walls in the 1870s) so I can well relate to the feelings of these here stool pigeon/guinea pigs/sitting ducks  that the High Sheriff done front loaded into his jail. (The Michael L.Becher Adult Correction Complex for those who are sticklers for accuracy).


LOTS OF FIGHTS   LOTS OF BLOOD– Fox news on 60 Days In


I was unable to watch the cable version of “60 Days In” since we don’t have luxuries like the NFL cable channel and such in Hell contrary to some people’s misperceptions.  However, A friend of mine who has road crew duties (picking up the lost souls of the damned who have died in auto accidents) was able to grab a good ipad and we CAN access a good wifi signal from Heaven which, typical of the security of that place, is not locked.  (Little known fact: Heaven and Hell occupy the same loci…just different dimensions and wifi is ‘multi dimensional).

Well, you gotta know J.W. Hardin LOVES this show! After seeing Sheriff Noel on “Fox and Friends” and the lady commentator’s final comments  “Lots of fights! Lots of Blood!”  J.W. just KNEW this was gonna be a great show for HELL.

So, after lights out down here,  I retired to my cell in the Pod, here in HELL.  You might think I am a Pod Boss given my unquestioned reputation in life, and my viciousness and cruelty…but down here I am not that prominent.  The pod boss down here is Attila. You know, “Attila the Hun”?  Anyway…From my perspective, I LOVE the fact that the Sheriff is presenting this ‘program’ as a secret way to ‘clean up his jail’.  That is BRILLIANT!   This guy is a penal system reformer of the FIRST order!  I am not sure that the plan can be replicated through out the nation, but then again?  why not?  I just wish the allegedly ‘innocent’ undercover rats were playing for some kind of prize…Like on SURVIVOR or something.   As a former prison inmate and current resident of HELL,  I certainly find it compelling television entertainment and I am totally ROOTING for my personal heroes!  For example,  I LOVE it that Jennifer stole Tami’s shower shoes and I can’t wait to see how she screws over Tami again now that she made her.  As for the ‘new meat’ the smug little military mom…I can’t wait to see Jennifer put her in her place.  My other hero, of course is Roby.  Roby running Zac’s pod and we know that before it’s over Roby will probably do some man eating.  It was so FUNNY to see old Roby polishing up those metal tables and sending old Zac to spit shine them with his doo rag.  I also am definitely tuning in to see another action star…the guy that busted old NEWBY at the end of episode 2.

But, just for the moment…I have to step back and enjoy this celebration of SIN.  Where else can you witness deception, stealing, forbidden sex so plentifully…and still sit back innocently telling yourself, ‘hey..its all in a good cause.?”   Masterful!  We just love  SIXTY DAYS SIN  down here in HELL!


JW here,  I just wanted to update my review.   Turn’s out my hero,  Tommy Roby, is well-named, as we have discovered Roby’s crime that has him in the hoosegow.  Here’s an excerpt from his partially successful appeal:

” Roby, wearing a mask and latex gloves and armed with a gun, entered a bank in Jeffersonville and demanded money from four different tellers. Soon afterward, a resident of a nearby subdivision saw a man carrying a gun and a bag run to a car parked on the street. The man took off a mask as he jumped into the back seat of the car. Police stopped that car and found Roby, the bank’s money, a mask, a bag, latex gloves, and a gun. The court granted Roby’s motion in limine to prohibit the State’s witnesses from testifying they were familiar with Roby from past law enforcement contacts. Roby was found guilty of all four counts of robbery, and he agreed to plead guilty to being an habitual offender. The court entered judgments of conviction on all four robbery counts and sentenced Roby to twenty years on each, with the four sentences to run concurrently.”

On his appeal,  the Court reduced his judgment to one single act of armed robbery (Victory for Roby!) but, unfortunately it didn’t much help his sentence. He was back in the Michael Becher Adult Correction Complex while his “Motion to Modify Sentence” was being considered.  Well,  at least this gave him a chance at TELEVISION STARDOM!!!


to be continued—