A deeply concerned reader writes: UPDATE!! ERMA THRASK CONCURS!!”

Sometimes in the gray and dismal days when life is getting Goliath down…the garbage bins are scarce on swag,  the wimmens is all carping and complaining, the Sprout is grouchy and trying to sleep late,  the Jaegermeister what we thought was all stored up and laid in for at least two weeks or so turn out to have all been drunnk up when we was on a binge last weekend watching ‘Game of Thrones” non-stop, the chickens all refuses to lay good eggs and all in all, life is so very sad and dismal, it almost enough to get a 3,000 year old Giant down in the dumps.

Just when Goliath abouts to throw in the towel, along come one of Goliath’s faithful readers and express the warm and tender concern.  Heathern writes in the good old chat box as follow:

“Just curious, how boring is the life of 4 or 5 of you who constantly participate in the ridiculous posts on this forum? I mean, I am all for having fun, but it seems Matt, David, Leah and a few others devote your life to this childish stuff??”

This here cheer up Goliath so very very much for one and all.  First the person is ‘curious’ which mean this person motervated by deep and abiding love and concern for Goliath and his friends.  Then this here dear reader concerned that life is boring for one and all.  Apparently, this here feel Goliath …no…let me say…empathizes with Goliath  and feel Goliath’s mighty pain and sorrowful heart.  The dull tedium Goliath forced to abide ever since he lay down his blood hungry sword and give up the war path back in 1968 ….is truly a sore burden Goliath forced to carry.

Now Heathern also realize very very well how ridiculous the posts on GAWNEWS are.  Ain’t it the truth!    In fact they is so ridiculous that only a dad blasted decapitated fool would bother reading ANY of them!!!  Goliath can only shake his (carefully) head.  And then the really brutal truth laid out on Goliath and friends,…we devotes our very lives to this ‘childishness’.   My HEATHERN GAWDS!!!  Now Goliath is REALLY DEPRESSED!!!  Goliath HAS devoted his life sweat blood and tears to the daily task of grinding out these missiles for consumption by the GAWnews readership and FOR GOLIATH’S OWN AMUSEMENT!!!  It is really really sad to see a 3,000 year old giant reduced to this state.

Thank goodness for the dear reader Heathern,  who aims a laser like beam of truth on the whole mess and reveal to Goliath that there must be a BETTER WAY!  ANd it warm the cockels of Goliath’s mighty heart to know that he got at least ONE reader what has such tender care and concern for Goliath.  Thank you!  Please …go on and tell Goliath MORE!   What can Goliath do to be growed up like you? And, yes,  Goliath know you is all for having fun…but Goliath is NOT for HAVING FUN!! Goliath want to be MATURE, SAGE and WISE and SOMBER like you dear heathern!!!

************************************************************************************************* Salutations!   Erma Thrask here.  I would like to address a few comments to the ‘dear reader’ who made the above quoted comment in Goliath’s ‘chat’.  ….THANK YOU!!   I have been watching as this once at least sometimes decent website has degraded and degraded further and further under Goliath’s shaky hand.  I quietly was thankful to Providence when the site ‘melted down’ a few weeks ago.  I hoped and prayed that there would be no way found to resuscitate what had become a gravely degraded and wasteful use of (I believe the term is) bondwidth.

Goliath was never very bright and I am afraid that the company he has fallen in with who flock to this site are dulling what little wit he ever had.  I note the reference to “Leah” and I must pause to consider a few of the shameless trollops that find there way here to fritter away time.  Consider these wayward ‘wimmens’  (as Goliath refers to them)  JULES,  Cindyloohoo,  “Chopper” gal,  are long time  posters who appear to have forgotten their proper place is in the kitchen, by the hearth, preparing a decent Christian (protestant) home in accordance with the dictates of the King James Bible.  Along the way came even such female vampires that dared to style themselves things like “Liberal Hussy”. (one simply SHUDDERS).   The latest of these  undisciplined tarts is “Leah” who has the bold recklessness to even create her own website: Leah47130  ….an apparent OPEN invitation to every male in the zip code!!! (I only pray her parents are unaware).

The topics that are regularly allowed to be introduced on “Gawnews” are certainly ridiculous and an unhealthy and, dare I say, SINFUL diversion from the proper study of any man or woman, i.e.,  detailed submersion in SCRIPTURE.  I assure ‘dear reader’ I, Erma Thrask, have remonstrated with Goliath and his common-law ‘wife’ Sheba,  to put away childish things and become a true Giant.  But, my implorements have fallen, alas,  on alcohol addled and deafened ears.  If you question the validity and veracity of my argument…I offer this parting thought…Grumpy Granny sometimes posts her horrible comments and thoughts here….her with her exposed bosoms,  short limb exposing ‘pants’ and her vulgar tattoos.  Need I say more?  I thought not.

Erma Thrask  ( I will pray for you).

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