All Aboard: GAW News Returning to Forecastle

Ahoy mates, it’s our favorite time of the year filled with¬†sunshine and live music. Live music and sunshine are two key ingredients¬†for an accurate description of Louisville’s Forecastle Festival. And GAW just had our credentials approved so that means we’ll be bringing you the same professional coverage we’ve delivered since 2012.

This year Forecastle has one of the strongest lineups out of the over-saturated music festival industry and we’re lucky it’s happening in our own backyard.

We’ll be interviewing strangers, interrupting people as they eat food and taking photographs of the entire event.

Like our coverage over the years, we’ll be live tweeting the event and posting daily coverage right here. (We’ve also got some fancy things planned we’re keeping a secret for now.)

But one thing is for certain, GAW News will again, be covering Louisville own Forecastle Festival in our own unite, strange, BUT PROFESSIONAL way.

Get a heard start and follow the GAWNews Twitter and we’ll see you there.

The Lineup