Activist Judge Glorifies Gay Marriage against the express will of the PEOPLES OF INDIANA!!

Well there goes the State of Indiana!!!  A federalist Judge uses his Lifetime appointted powers to reach out and strike down the Indiana Anti-Gay Bandwagon Law against Gay Marriage!!

See what happen immediately?  Gay people luvin’ it up on the streets of the Corn Capitol, Indianapolis chanting “LOVE WINS” …like that is some kinda dad blasted good idea!!!  Goliath is totally OUTRAGED!!!  Only Traditional relationships like Marriage, Concubinage and Slavery as set out in the Good BOOK should be allowe!!!!

We can only hope and pray to the heathern Gawds that this smart alecky judge “DICK YOUNG” gets his uppity and smart alecky ruling turned back by his Superiors !!!!



  1. sarahpeas June 25, 2014
  2. Earl June 25, 2014

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