Alleged King(s) of France

Goliath was surprised to learn there are two kings of France.  (allegedly). These fellows highly and righteously disputes with high ardor the claims of the other.  First we got this here fellow, “The Duke of Anjou” Louis XX.jpg

He pretty young. And probably just sitting there waiting on his rival to die off…just like a big black spanish spider.  His name is Louis Alphonse Gonzalve Victor Emmanuel Marc de Bourbon. 

He is the head of the “House of Bourbon” (which to Goliath’s ears sounds pretty good).

Then we got this guy: Henri d'Orléans, comte de Paris, à Poissy, le 27 avril 2014..jpg  He is Henri D’Orleans.  Head of the

“Orleans House”  His actual name is Henri Philippe Pierre Marie d’Orléans.   

He says he is the Count of Paris and Duke of France.

Goliath pondering very very carefully on this dilemma.  Goliath kinda thinks Henri looks more

like a king.  Apparently both these guys have soldiering in their blue blood.  Who do you think

should be King?




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