AMERICAN’s got a RIGHT to be IGNERNT about Handlin’ GUNS

Goliath heard Mandy Connell of WHAS  say about the five year old that killed his 2 year old sister with a gun that the problem wasn’t the gun…it was people who were UNEDUCATED having guns.  She was quick to add that she meant people uneducated ABOUT HOW TO USE GUNS.  (Not just ignernt peoples).   WHAT??

Goliath say this here Mandy Connell is merely POSING as a POPULIST conservative mainstream media radio host.  GOLIATH WOULD LIKE TO REMIND MANDY CONNELL and all her ILK that the SECOND AMENDMENT doesn’t have no RESTRICTIONS that the GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO HAVE A GUN is limited to People what is EDUCATED about their use!

Thank the Heathern Gawds for FOLKS like Senator Ted CruZ of Texas who KNOWS that  if they passed EXPANDED BACKground Checks…that would PUT US INEXORABLY on the PATH TO National Gun Registry and Violeratin the 2nd Amendment God Given Right!

For Mandy “Smarty Pant”s Connell of WHAS to suggest that PEOPLE SHOULD BE EDUCATED about Gun SAFETY is   JUST ANOTHER DAD BLASTED STEP towards Totalitarianism and GIVING up OUR FREEDOM!!!   Sure…Goliath can admit it’s probably  “better” if you are educated and trained in handling your AK’s,  44s and any other high capacity magazine high powered rifles…BUT IT’s AGIN the 2nd AMENDMENT to MAKE me be TRAINED MANDY CONNELL!!!!

This is AMERICA.  We are FREE.  FREE and Guaranteed by the 2nd to have the RIGHT to run around ignernt of how guns work and what they can do if you don’t handle ’em correctly.

Does this FREEDOM mean that some 2 or 4 year old CHILDREN or even Grown up not so smart PEOPLES will INEVItably be killed or maimed????     YES.  But this is a SMALL PRICE to pay for the FREEDOM of our WEAPONS!!!!   As Benjammin FRanklins said, “Those who would sacrifice some liberty for some safety don’t deserve a dad blasted pinch of either one of ’em” !!!  

Thanks the Heathern Gawds for TED CRUz  Here he is showing that comminist SCHUMER (who Goliath actuall HATES)  about FREEDOM when he STOMPED on the effort to start vielatin the  2nd Amendment.

SO Goliath conclude with simple question…. DOES the Constitution that “the right to KEEP and BEar Arms by EDUCATED AND TRAINED people shall not be infringed?????”

No  Mandy Connell . No it doesn’t say that.  ‘Nuff Said.



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