Another Puzzled, Stunned Community: Lebanon Chatterers

UPDATE***************************************************************************************The LEBANON CHATTER has continued their discussion: Bald Eagle noted the PBS coverage and another Lebanon Chatterer it is hoped is being stalked and ‘outed’


If you want to take part in the “Indiana Week in Review” poll for this week: “Do the recent accusations against two Sheriffs affect your opinion of law enforcement officers?” Their Friday night show on PBS discussed the two Sheriffs and their downfalls with sincere regret, I thought. The “hopeful” comment was that this should be viewed as only “two bad apples of ninety-two Indiana Sheriffs.” It was questioned how differently the two were handled ……. how much more serious it appeared for Clark County’s Sheriff than Boone County’s …….. although one of the reporters immediately suggested that Ken Campbell’s resignation from office, as opposed to the other Sheriff’s attempt to continue in office, may have had something to do with that.
“Indiana Week in Review” is repeated on WFYI (channel 20) at noon Sunday …… and a little later in the afternoon on ch 10.

and on a 2nd post said:

Or are you just a HO loyalist and sympathizer?? HEY, are you in fact a Chatter newcomer from CARMEL??? Well, whoever or whatever you are, I’m damned near praying that Mike and Linda Nielsen discover your identity!



Oh My Heathern Gawds….  just about what time Goliath beginning to think how cool and unique Jeffersonville and Clark County is (forgetting the lessons of 3,000 years) Goliath little friend, Pesty,  finds the “Lebanon Chatter”   Just like the Clark County Chatter but without NSHBM.

These here local wizards and such have been puzzling out the Rodden/Campbell/Madame X case…but from the other end.  Kinda inneresting:

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As far as can tell here….HT, YMC and Jules ain’t banned off the Lebanon Chatter….yet.