Are these critters republican or democrat? Or does it just not matter?

UPDATE:  Drew responded to this post.  He commented: “I’d like to make a correction for GAWNEWS. This image was not posted on the Adams for judge facebook account but rather was posted by a supporter of both individuals on that supporters facebook account and each persons facebook account was tagged. ”   (see full comment below)  So,  he is going with the classic…”I’m not responsible for the deeds of my supporters” defense…which is totally cool with Goliath…but,  GAWNEWS does ask one question we hope Drew will answer…even though he doesn’t read Gawnews or ‘care’ about it.  Here’s the fair question:  “Will you support Glover or the Democrat Candidate in the Fall Election?”    (Bonus points for a straight answer)


Gawnews was surprised to see this posted on facebook.   A single image pushing a republican (Glover) who is running unopposed in his party’s primary and a Democrat  (Adams) who is  running against an incumbent Democrat.

This makes the  old head spin.  Goliath is thinking…. didn’t they drum Jack Vissing out of the party for supporting Mike Moore a year or so ago?  What the heck is going on?

It was posted on Drew’s  ‘Adams for Judge’ page and then Mr. Glover made this comment: Bryan Glover Looks like a great combination to me!!! Thx Shannon!!!