As to be expected…H.T. defending his pitiful Bat-Ass Blog after title stripped away

Well T.G. you were correct…He took the bait like a Ohio River Channel Catfish and swallowed the hook and all…catfish

It looks like H.T. aka (DICK) has confirmed the allegations of impropriety with his latest stalking of KFetz and deflection journalism.  Couple that with his amateur Photoshop skills and you have a  tell tale sign of impropriety.

This should be enough to confirm that the award was stolen and not truly earned.  It’s fairly easy to see that H.T. doesn’t want a fair contest…

This has done nothing more than prove that H.T. is a damn Commie Pinko comrade


The CHA (Citizens for Honest Awards) have released a statement on the situation and demanded that the newly obtained legal counsel of Jackie Chiles be allowed to access all GAW News files pertaining to the awards.


A GAW NEWS Drone has picked up on the whereabouts of H.T. who fled from his parentsstation wagon basement in his mothers vehicle after being stripped of the award earlier today…



It is believed that H.T. was required to attend a hearing on his false claims of being a major internet award winner by several GOP power brokers: noelNoel and Moore wouldn’t comment on the exact details of the meeting but did say that they would never associate with or welcome any “Fake Award Winners” and plan to fully cooperate with Mr. Jackie Chiles on the investigation.