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So, first, allow us to apologize for the lack of content for the past few months.

We had some major setbacks that had to be dealt with, and we’re still importing all of our previous blog posts. (It’s a hassle, trust me.)

But, we’re back and we’ve got out credentials approved for a few upcoming pieces.

Also, look out for our extensive “Forecastle Festival: A Look Back.” piece.

-GAW Staff

Forecastle 2016: Excuse us, we’re part of the “media”


7:00 PM – It’s been a long day of work and I was ready to rub elbows with the media elite, possibly make a few Donald Trump jokes and lose myself for a few hours. Goliath, not being one to wait for anyone, already started his own party at our top secret meeting grounds.

“Hey Matt,” he grumbles on the phone while I’m putting in my contacts. “How about you come get me?”

I’m not surprised G wants me to come retrieve him and drive him around like his personal chauffeur, so I agree and go retrieve the giant.

7:45 – Goliath is already begun to unwind and pick him up at a bar we consider our own.

“I’m not gonna park for this guy and go waltz in looking for him,” I say to myself on the way there.



This will be the 5th year of ongoing coverage of the Forecastle Festival.









Miike Snow Performing at Headliners Tomorrow

Swedish-pop band, Miike Snow is scheduled to perform at Headliners in Louisville Tomorrow. (Tickets are still available from Headliners website.)

I first heard of the band when their single “Animal” dominated indie and college radio stations in 2009 spurring a slew of remixes and the self-titled debut album became one our favorite albums of 2009.

Miike snow is back this time around with a full length album iii. This is the bands third (get it?) album since the band formed in 2007.

If you’ve been paying attention you may have caught the Run The Jewels Remix of “Heart is Full,” (Spotify link) which comes along in the form of a bonus song on the album. It’s a great juxtaposition highlighting the precise vocals of the Miike Snow as well as the viscous lyricism of Run The Jewels.

The band has taken on a massive North American tour schedule. You can’t help but admire the three Swedes who are still have more than 35 dates remaining including stops at festivals Lollapalooza (Chicago), Boston Calling Music Festival, Governor’s Ball (New York), Divide Music Festival (Colorado), Belly Up Aspen, Outside Lands (San Francisco) and ending the massive schedule with an performances at Austin City Limits in Austin, Texas.

Stay tuned, we may be broadcasting live from the concert tomorrow.

For Levi: Mario Brother’s Rock Version

My nephew Levi and I discovered this gem of a video this morning.

We’d like to present the rock version of the Super Mario Brother’s theme.

He’s like his “Uncle Matt…..a nerd.”

We can’t help wondering if Goliath played Mario Brother’s at the local penny arcade growing up.



Glass Animals: New Music “Life Itself”

This week Glass Animals, an Oxford four-some with a unique sound and style, debuted new solo music for the first time in more than a year. The band debuted “Life Itself” this week and it’s available on YouTube, SoundCloud and all other major music streaming services.

The song is just what you’d expect from the band who seem to have been touring non-stop since the 2014 release of their debut album “Zaba.”

The surprise of new music will surely come as a relief to anyone, myself included, who was hoping to hear new music from the band on one of their many tour stops this summer.

GAWNews first saw the Glass Animals live at Bonnaroo last year and look forward to seeing them perform at Forecastle Festival this summer where we’ll be broadcasting live as we cover for the fifth year in a row.

Enjoy the new music and check out our Glass Animals concert coverage of their sold-out show at Headliners in Louisville.