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GAW Updated

We’re updating GAW. We’re going to go through a few options and ultimately settle on something WE like. If there is something, a feature perhaps, that you would like for us to add to the site leave a comment and let us know. Have a good week everyone. -YMC photo source

Online Fundraiser for Doug Chinn – My Dad

I tell my dad he’s my hero. I say this often. And boy have I put that man through some stress. I’ve put him through enough stress that he should be retired, sitting on a beach without a care in the world. But not my dad. Instead, he’s forgoing retirement to run for School Board. He’s running because education is his passion and he needs …

We’re back

YMC here, We believe the NSA may have shut us down due to our hard-hitting news stories we uncovered. But in other news if anyone needs a talented and handsome IT specialist I’m undergoing the soul-crushing experience of searching for a job. Click here to check out my resume and share with anyone looking to hire me.  $500 bounty to anyone willing to find me …