Author: YMC

Straight 'outta Jeffersonville

Why am I obsessed with music?

One thing I do with music, is that I attribute many songs to people in my life. Certain lyrics, rhythms, music videos, voices and sounds will make me think of someone in my life. The person could be someone active in my past or present life.

Jeff Koons Balloon Dog

Goliath is the resident GAW art expert, but today I wanted to share some love for the art of Jeff Koons.  There’s so much that can be said about his work and if he is deserving, but for me it’s…

Two songs and a new person in my life

People come and go now that we can just swipe people into our own existence.

And that bugs me. It feels unnatural.

But I’m not going to go on about that here.

Here are two songs this new human and I exchanged to one another.

But I’m still playing catch up.