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Straight 'outta Jeffersonville


So, first, allow us to apologize for the lack of content for the past few months.

We had some major setbacks¬†that had to be dealt with, and we’re still importing all of our previous blog posts. (It’s a hassle, trust me.)

But, we’re back and we’ve got out credentials approved for a few upcoming pieces.

Also, look out for our extensive¬†“Forecastle Festival: A Look Back.” piece.

-GAW Staff

Forecastle 2016: Excuse us, we’re part of the “media”

7:00 PM – It’s been a long day of work and I was ready to rub elbows with the media elite, possibly make a few Donald Trump jokes and lose myself for a few hours. Goliath, not being one to wait for anyone, already started his own party at our top secret meeting grounds.

“Hey Matt,” he grumbles on the phone while I’m putting in my contacts. “How about you come get me?”

I’m not surprised G wants me to come retrieve him and drive him around like his personal chauffeur, so I agree and go retrieve the giant.

7:45 – Goliath is already begun to unwind and pick him up at a bar we consider our own.

“I’m not gonna park for this guy and go waltz in looking for him,” I say to myself on the way there.


This will be the 5th year of ongoing coverage of the Forecastle Festival.