B.O.B at the Mercury Ballroom: New breed of concerts

There’s crowd participation and then there great crowd participation and there is B.O.B.-style crowd participation; and he takes it to a level that’s unheard of with in the crowd.

There’s fans on stage, twerk contest, there’s crowd sing-a-longs on social media and even a karaoke session where a fan absolutely killed it.

Josie Myers duets with B.O.B

Josie Myers duets with B.O.B

Josie Myers, a political science major who won her tickets from the radio, made her way to the stage and performed alongside him to what was actually a stunning rendition of his hit “Nothing on You.”

“My friends and I were really close to the front and I still live at home and I had a curfew so we about to leave, Myers said.

“I’ve never been on stage before for anything other than theater…I’ll never forget it.”

But she wasn’t the only fan that made it on stage. Another fan named Jasmyn, made it on stage for a twerk contest and was just happy the show went well and enjoyed herself.

“It was great, the energy and vibe was incredible,” she said. “I’ve been

Jasmyn (Pictured right.)

Jasmyn (Pictured right.)

a fan since his first album.”


One this is for certain B.O.B. goes above and beyond to make sure his fans enjoy the show, and it’s fans like Josie and Jasmyn that are living proof.


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