Bikerdude's Photo  Bikerdude  said he was
gonna make a donation and get the money to YMC for his friend in need.

Today,  Goliath was out tipping garbage cans and grubbing through dumpsters and thinking about crushing the CCC and relishing his victry over the dad blasted Narvikians. What time Goliath return to the compound,  some of the wimmens and hangers about report “Hey…this guy dropped this off for you”.  Goliath find a envelope marked “GOLIATH” and inside cash and a note to see it get to YMC. Goliath ask what this guy look like?   The wimmens say,  “He was tall …very tall, thin  and looked like a biker”

The note inside the envelope was signed,  “Bikerdude”.   So here’s a shout out to ya Bikerdude!…wherever you are….Goliath done contact YMC and the money will be put the good use you intended!  THANKS!Top