Jeffersonville: 5:05 pm.  A body has been found near the Beverly Manor Apartments in Downtown Jeff located at the corner of Maple and Mulberry Streets.

UPDATE:  Goliath has learned the body was discovered this afternoon between 3:30 and 4 pm.  By a local resident whose dog discovered the body. The body is hidden in a clump of bushes under trees. It is adjacent to the alley that runs just behind Hardees.

The site was swarming with Detectives, officers and other officials and news crews were gathering at 5:10 pm.

Goliath spoke with local residents and eyewitnesses, including the man who discovered the body.  Based on information gathered,  there is reason to believe the body may  have been killed elsewhere and dumped at this location.  Foul play is indicated but, of course, that will be determined by experts…not Goliath.  The body has likely been there for 1-2 weeks. (In Goliath’s opinion based on information of a source).


More as the story develops.

(LEAH47130 tipped Goliath to story)