BREAKING: Goliath considers WAR on NORWAY

December 2, 2013, JEFFERSONVILLE-  High placed sources who requested anonymity confirmed this evening that all the recently observed activity at the Goliath Compound augers the possibility of the declaration of hostilities between Goliath and the nation of Norway,  specifically, the Norwegian port town of Narvik.  (file photo)

Sources explain that Goliath was recently reminded that he and his friend, Stats, and an Australian girl (whose name he can’t remember) and a Japanese guy (that Goliath really didn’t care too much for) were EJECTED and KICKED OUT of a Narvik Youth Hostel in November of 1979   This disgrace was recently brought to Goliath’s attention along with the charge that this slight of some 35 years ago had never been revenged.  Sources close to the brain damaged Giant say that Goliath’s rage waxed wroth and there was much bellowing and stomping about.