We have just learned that Goliath has reopened the investigation into the award that was given to a vile, nasty, photo shop amateur, Bat-Ass-Blog.

trophy3New information has surfaced and was provided to the giant that suggests there were improper relations with GSL and H.T. prior to the votes being counted.


While news of this nature is greatly disturbing and potentially damning to our integrity, we will continue to provide you with the news as it becomes available.


It seems that the relationship that GSL and H.T. developed prior to the contest, played a very pivotal role in determining the final outcome of the poll.

ht at homeWe have learned that Goliath sent out a team of GAW News Special Ops agents to collect the trophy from deep within H.T.’s lair (AKA, Parents Basement) until the investigation is concluded.

As you can see by the pic above, H.T. was visibly shook by this announcement and was even caught without his mask during the raid of his parents basement.

Although this can not be 100% confirmed at the this moment…There is some speculation that Goliath has placed calls to several local attorneys about possible legal action against his longtime comrade…GSL

Several attorneys have confirmed speaking to Goliath this morning but would not provide any detail to their conversation.

lesdustintomwilderIn another uncharacteristic move by the giant,  Goliath has handed over the investigation to a completely unbiased attorney who will be working closely with the giant until the true winner is recognized.

GAW NEWS was able to confirm that a deal was signed this afternoon with Jackie Chiles to conduct a new full investigation into the contest and it’s obvious tainting by local hands…

jackie chiles





Stay tuned for more details as they are available….