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Maps: for your consideration

The above map is county by county where Trump votes came from. The above reflects the opioid crisis   Sources: and

Happy Father’s Day to the weirdos I love.

After calling my father and wishing him happy fathers day and getting choked up for all I’ve put that poor man through I expressed how grateful I was to share his DNA. Ninety percent of fathers would have told their children they’re on their own. But not father, he’s my pal.

Trump v. Comey

Here is a timeline and side by side look at what we know Trump was doing and tweeting and what James Comey was memorializing. Perhaps it will provide a bit of insight looked at in 20-20 hindsight.     Jan.…

Race Discrimination is NOW

Feb. 25-  Today most people denounce racism.  Personally and publicly,  most people exercise a ‘color blind’ policy.  This then translates into a certain kind of tired denunciation when other raise ‘racism’ as a continuing evil to be dealt with.  “I…


Now I see what has been going on.  While Goliath out laboring in the fields of woe…helping the young husband what run afoul of the King’s men racing about in a chariot after too many flagons of wine or yanking…