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A collection of concert footage from GAW contributors, readers and other fine folks.

GAW Concert Series: The Weeknd – Chicago Theater 2013

Unfortunately we’re were unable to get press credentials, well, we hadn’t grown as much as we have these days and so we didn’t ask.

Sadly, this is the only video clip from the GAW archive and we’ve been fans of The Weeknd’s music since his debut album and made the venture to the historic Chicago Theater to see him

Instead it was me and Clean Plate Club Girl, who caught the amazing sold out show and enjoyed some of the other great places Chicago had to offer. (Hint: The Chicago Art Institute is worth the visit and had some amazing exhibits.)

Bonus: We got free condoms with The Weeknd Album artwork on the packaging.

GAW Concert Coverage – Glass Animals Headliners July 2015

This will be one of four Glass Animals videos posted in the GAW Concert Coverage series.

I’ve watched the band grow from a EP I discovered on a Reddit forum for unique music.

Then they played at Headliners in Louisville, Bonnaroo 2015 (lookout for that video soon) Glastonbury Festival and now they’re one of this year’s headlining acts for Forecastle Festival.

This particular clip is a few highlights from the second show they played at Headliners.

Glass Animals is a band that has been on a non-stop tour and if you haven’t caught one of their shows it’s certainly worth the ticket.

The world is a  jungle and a Glass Animals concert takes you deep inside.

GAW Concert Series: Bryson Tiller Sells out Louisville Palace (Highlights Video)

Louisville’s own Bryson Tiller put on a show for fans at the Louisville Palace they’ll surely never forget. There were surprise guest’s, Tiller was given the key to the city by Louisville District 1 Council Woman Jessica Green, and fans were outside desperately trying to get in.

Tiller’s “Trapsoul Tour” is completely sold out. He’s sold out every show in the US and in Europe. Which is an impressive feat for someone who’s album, “Trapsoul” is less than a year old.

Fall Out Boy Lights Up Yum Center in Louisville

Fall Out Boy, who’s on tour with Awolnation, is a band that’s managed to gather two generations of fans, in one place, thren catch the Yum Center on fire.


They played a variety of their songs and none of the fans we spoke with seemed disappointed.

Fans ranged from the original fans of their music from the 2000-era to the younger fans of their new material.

Two GAW News contributers were seated next to each other without prior knowledge.

Small world.

And we’d like to welcome our new GAW staff member; Dodo.

We’ll be seeing more of her at GAW News.

GAW CONCERT SERIES – Forecastle 2012

Forecastle Festival has grown into the number one regional festivals in the country. is happy to cover the even five years in a row.

We caught Bassnectar, Girl-Talk, The Preservation Hall Jazz Band with a special guest you’ll see in the video.

What started as a small festival has grown into one of the greatest and we’ll be there, again, broadcasting the event.

Don’t forget to check the Forecastle Tab for artists posts and videos.

GAW Concert Series – My Morning Jacket May 31, 2011

I can identify the exact moment that I became a true fan of Louisville’s own My Morning Jacket. At this point, I had heard a few of their songs, thought they were talented, but it wasn’t until I saw them perform live that I became sold.

This concert was that time.

The concert took place at the historical Louisville Palace on May 31, 2011, the same day the My Morning Jacket’s sixth album Circuital was released.

The event was also recorded as part of the American Express Unstaged series. Directed by Todd Haynes, most of the performances, including a surprise guest cover feating Erykah Badu can be found on YouTube.