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“60 Day Sin” by Erma Thrask

Salutations!  Erma Thrask here!  Back to work for the heathen, Goliath and his shorter friend, YMC  (YMC photograph by Erma Thrask) (I am told these initials stand for “Young Manly Christian” so I heartily  approve!)  Gawnews asked me to watch and…

“60 Day Sin” a review by J.W. Hardin

However, A friend of mine who has road crew duties (picking up the lost souls of the damned who have died in auto accidents) was able to grab a good ipad and we CAN access a good wifi signal from Heaven which, typical of the security of that place, is not locked.

Fall Out Boy Lights Up Yum Center in Louisville

Fall Out Boy, who’s on tour with Awolnation, is a band that’s managed to gather two generations of fans, in one place, thren catch the Yum Center on fire.


They played a variety of their songs and none of the fans we spoke with seemed disappointed.

Fans ranged from the original fans of their music from the 2000-era to the younger fans of their new material.

Two GAW News contributers were seated next to each other without prior knowledge.

Small world.

And we’d like to welcome our new GAW staff member; Dodo.

We’ll be seeing more of her at GAW News.