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60 Day Sin Episode 3 Review by Erma Thrask

Salutations!  (and belated Valentine’s day)  from me, the television programming critic and correspondent for Gawnews.  I, Erma Thrask once again went down to Mr. Goliath’s compound  and watched the programming provided by our illustrious Sheriff, Mr. Jamey Noel of the Wages…

60 Days In Ignores Us

Evidently A&E Networks and Lucky 8 Production have refused to acknowledge our requests for information regarding the show. Also, why the sudden change or website Lucky 8 Productions? We’re not asking much here guys.   Email us at But why won’t…


This is a story from a FOG who is a female. She has a somewhat different point of view. Her first thoughts of her family and children. One of the worst things, Goliath has been told, for all inmates is the real seperation from family and loved ones. Hard to take.


The next tale is told by a FOG (friend of Goliath) and as Goliath reads this story can only shake the giant head how bizarre it must seem to this friend and anyone who is in jail on drug charges to witness the scenes described. Now you see why the drug war just looks like a game to some.