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So, first, allow us to apologize for the lack of content for the past few months.

We had some major setbacks that had to be dealt with, and we’re still importing all of our previous blog posts. (It’s a hassle, trust me.)

But, we’re back and we’ve got out credentials approved for a few upcoming pieces.

Also, look out for our extensive “Forecastle Festival: A Look Back.” piece.

-GAW Staff

Miike Snow Performing at Headliners Tomorrow

Swedish-pop band, Miike Snow is scheduled to perform at Headliners in Louisville Tomorrow. (Tickets are still available from Headliners website.)

I first heard of the band when their single “Animal” dominated indie and college radio stations in 2009 spurring a slew of remixes and the self-titled debut album became one our favorite albums of 2009.

Miike snow is back this time around with a full length album iii. This is the bands third (get it?) album since the band formed in 2007.

If you’ve been paying attention you may have caught the Run The Jewels Remix of “Heart is Full,” (Spotify link) which comes along in the form of a bonus song on the album. It’s a great juxtaposition highlighting the precise vocals of the Miike Snow as well as the viscous lyricism of Run The Jewels.

The band has taken on a massive North American tour schedule. You can’t help but admire the three Swedes who are still have more than 35 dates remaining including stops at festivals Lollapalooza (Chicago), Boston Calling Music Festival, Governor’s Ball (New York), Divide Music Festival (Colorado), Belly Up Aspen, Outside Lands (San Francisco) and ending the massive schedule with an performances at Austin City Limits in Austin, Texas.

Stay tuned, we may be broadcasting live from the concert tomorrow.

GAW Concert Series: Bryson Tiller Sells out Louisville Palace (Highlights Video)

Louisville’s own Bryson Tiller put on a show for fans at the Louisville Palace they’ll surely never forget. There were surprise guest’s, Tiller was given the key to the city by Louisville District 1 Council Woman Jessica Green, and fans were outside desperately trying to get in.

Tiller’s “Trapsoul Tour” is completely sold out. He’s sold out every show in the US and in Europe. Which is an impressive feat for someone who’s album, “Trapsoul” is less than a year old.


The next tale is told by a FOG (friend of Goliath) and as Goliath reads this story can only shake the giant head how bizarre it must seem to this friend and anyone who is in jail on drug charges to witness the scenes described. Now you see why the drug war just looks like a game to some.