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60 Day Sin Episode 3 Review by Erma Thrask

Salutations!  (and belated Valentine’s day)  from me, the television programming critic and correspondent for Gawnews.  I, Erma Thrask once again went down to Mr. Goliath’s compound  and watched the programming provided by our illustrious Sheriff, Mr. Jamey Noel of the Wages…

GAW Concert Series: Bryson Tiller Sells out Louisville Palace (Highlights Video)

Louisville’s own Bryson Tiller put on a show for fans at the Louisville Palace they’ll surely never forget. There were surprise guest’s, Tiller was given the key to the city by Louisville District 1 Council Woman Jessica Green, and fans were outside desperately trying to get in.

Tiller’s “Trapsoul Tour” is completely sold out. He’s sold out every show in the US and in Europe. Which is an impressive feat for someone who’s album, “Trapsoul” is less than a year old.

“60 Day Sin” a review by J.W. Hardin

However, A friend of mine who has road crew duties (picking up the lost souls of the damned who have died in auto accidents) was able to grab a good ipad and we CAN access a good wifi signal from Heaven which, typical of the security of that place, is not locked.

60 Days In Ignores Us

Evidently A&E Networks and Lucky 8 Production have refused to acknowledge our requests for information regarding the show. Also, why the sudden change or website Lucky 8 Productions? We’re not asking much here guys.   Email us at But why won’t…