Almost a week ago Goliath returned and gave kind of an update from out of town….which included the following segment:

CATFIGHT:  as most ‘in the know’ lawyers and whatnots at the courthouse know…there is a thing called ‘the coven’.  This is a pack of wild female lawyers who specialize in DIVORCE and family law.  Most feared by the rest of the bar…these she devils will tear a man (or woman) to shreads if they FEEL like it.   This past week…the story is told that One Coven member Mary Fondrisi  learned that Coven Member Rebecca Lockard’s client was IN HER OFFICE and, meanwhile,  Client had obtained an arrest warrant for Failures of child support.  The COPS were sent by SOMEONE to Rebecca Lockard’s office and marched back to her sanctum and arrested her client.

Let it be known..let it be well known….this is not CRICKET.  Word is Rebecca has sworn a blood oath to repay tenfold the wrong done to her by Mary Fondrisi.  This could be NUCLEAR!!!!!

This here little comment has got quite a bit of feedback.  This morning, Goliath gets a call from “The Sensitive One”  telling how at a seminar in Indy…this CATFIGHT and Goliath’s post on same was THE hot topic.  In other words,  the fight and Gaw are spiking up conversation STATEWIDE on this one.  So, Goliath thought we would take a CLOSER LOOK.

Photo: With The Coven :)


In this picture,  (posted on Facebook by Coven member Lisa Garcia Reger third from the left)  a group of attractive wimmens is depicted.  For those who tread the halls of the courthouses in Southern Indiana…there is something much more significant about this photo…..these AINT just any wimmens….this is THE COVEN.  As mentioned above,  these here (with the exception of Jen Bertrand…not depicted) are ALL the members of that FRIGHTENING group who will tear you a new orifice in the event of a divorce. So, you can imagine the chills one may have if you are informed and know these here is all gathering. You might have KNOWN something was up.

This HISTORIC PHOTO also depicts Rebecca Lockard (second from right) and Mary Fondrise (First on right)  seated NEXT TO EACH OTHER and almost holding hands! This photo was posted April 23, 2013.  (also depicted in order left to right Cheryl Carpenter, Linda Lorch, Lisa R., Joni Grayson,  Julia Fifer, Rebecca and Mary.)

Amazingly,  Goliath has learned that BEFORE the RAID ON REBECCA got staged ….Rebecca’s client was all set to submit to Fondrisi’s request for an UNCONTESTED adoption.  Yeah.   Yeah that’s right…..Rebecca was in the process of surrendering in what can be one of the most easily defended type cases.  Apparently Mary (for her own reasons)  decided “THAT AIN”T GOOD ENOUGH” and someone called John Law  to get Rebecca’s client arrested.

Now,  as to the effect of this in the legal circles…Goliath is hearing that Mary’s ‘good will’   is OUT THE WINDOW with other members of the bar according to the buzz at the recently concluded seminar on municipal law.   You just don’t play that way…even if you can…and  Rebecca?  Well….we hear that for starters you can forget about that uncontested adoption Mary.  WHOOPS!