GAW Concert Series: Bryson Tiller Sells out Louisville Palace (Highlights Video)

Louisville’s own Bryson Tiller put on a show for fans at the Louisville Palace they’ll surely never forget. There were surprise guest’s, Tiller was given the key to the city by Louisville District 1 Council Woman Jessica Green, and fans were outside desperately trying to get in.

Tiller’s “Trapsoul Tour” is completely sold out. He’s sold out every show in the US and in Europe. Which is an impressive feat for someone who’s album, “Trapsoul” is less than a year old.

Tickets sold out in seconds and unfortunately many people who were purchased illegitimate tickets from StubHub or Craigslist. Some tickets online were going for as much $1,200 each ticket.

“I bought my tickets from StubHub, then they scan the bar code and told me it had already been used,” two unfortunate fans told us as they waited for their ride home. “I went to the box office and they said there was nothing they could do.”

Those who were able to get actual tickets, GAW included, would agree the show was a success. The crowd knew every lyric and the merchandise counter was sold out before Tiller even took the stage.
Some say he hasn’t done enough to be awarded a key to the city, but to his credit he did surprise local JCPS Students during his time home.  One thing is for certain, he definitely gave his hometown what they wanted.

We’ve seen shows at the Palace, but nothing like Bryson Tiller “502 come up.”


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