CCC declaring WAR?

Before the CCC declares WAR…they best remember back to back in the day.  Grump Granny…Goliath is TALKING TO YOU!!!!

Here just a small, very very small sample of the smack down Goliath can load on the CCC.  Goliath noteven involve…just use sock puppet Pesty (the original Flannigan version) to put hurt on the Chattah!



From 2010:


This Here page to collect all the collective wisdoms of ones who have been busted up, threatened,  scorned
or just plain tired of the chatter and the ones what ‘CONTROL’ the media there.


I thought it might be a good time to post some tips on how to be an effective poster on the CCC. Some people may worry whether they can be credible

posters. Before you consider jumping in to the fray and matching wits with the

denizens of the CCC take a moment and see if you can follow my tips here.
If so, you have a promising career ahead of you! Here are a few thoughts:
1. Be sure and start your own thread and then you can lord it over subsequent posters based on the authority conferred by being the “OP” (original poster).
2. Be sure and weave into your post your ‘support for the U.S. Military Service Men and Women” That way, if any one disagrees with what you have said…you can always jump down their throat on the grounds that they are not patriotic. (You can also use your “anti-child sex abuse” position for this, or “Christianity”)
3. If someone actually calls you on your bullshit…come right back and slam them with innuendo
or outright accusations about their courage, personal integrity, prior drug use, sexual promiscuity, poor breeding, lack of ‘real world experience’, or inability to handle themselves in
an actual fistfight (or handle a firearm). Insult their sexuality, lack of masculinity or lack of
feminity. Accuse them of being a poor parent. Feel free to state that your opponent “doesn’t
have a life” and is ‘on the computer all the time’ (don’t worry about the irony of such a claim),
4. If all that fails, you can always PM the moderators or administrator of the site. Deluge them
with complaints about the poster you don’t like and make their life miserable.
5. If THAT fails, then feel free to ‘cyber-stalk’ your opponent. Google their online names and
see where else that name appears. Then, post it all on the Chatter as ‘your right’ since “Hey,
it’s the internet age!”
6. Spend time cultivating other posters who share your personal views so you can call on them
for support when you get your flame war going.
7. If you are discussing a matter that touches, in any way, on the military or war or terrorism,
make sure to inquire if your opponent ‘actually served’ in the military. If you don’t get an immediate answer in the affirmative, proceed to belittle the poster’s views as “you could NEVER
understand” -type comments. If it turns out they DID serve…be sure to state “We thank you
for your service” and then proceed (see #3 above).
8. Feel free to jump down the throat of any poster who demonstrates an interest or knowledge in art, history, literature, science, engineering or any subject that requires “book l’arnin’ “
They are ELITISTS! Don’t hesitate to suggest their knowledge is just a slick way to subvert
true American values. Question their masculinity if they are a man. If the poster is a female,
insinuate that they probably aren’t very attractive….that’s why they are interested in ‘so called
intellectual matters’.
9. Vent umbrage at any post or poster that call into question the sincerity of your religious commitment/belief. You can really take the high road here and say almost anything you
10. Follow your opponent’s posts with care if you are bested in a ‘debate’. No doubt sometime
later they will make a mistake. Then feel free to jump in with both feet and remind them and
the forum of how they ‘attacked’ you (cite what thread and when it happened).


Anonymous said…

Pesty my very favorite metro-sexual man, I do believe you have just put to paper the ultimate guide to being successful on the CCC!! And I’m going to study it very hard, as I fear I’ve lost my mojo on the CCC!!…But, I’ll be back stronger than ever once I memorized all of your suggestions. I especially like #7!! And with that said Pesty, I’d like to thank-you for your service!! 🙂 Jules

hoosiertaxpayer said…

LMAO, Great advice Pesty, I wish you would post this on the CCC… Great Job !!!

Anonymous said…

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous said…

What comment was deleted? Anyway, I think Pesty needs to add one more tip. 11. When caught in the act of plagiarism quickly edit your original post and try to discredit the messenger who breaks the news to others on the forum. ChopperWoman

Goliath said…

CW- I deleted a strange comment from an unidentified person that was directed to ‘Baby Jesus’ and made some obscure remarks. It did not reference any topic except the CCC and I think it was a spam message. BUT, THANKS FOR RULE 11 I encourage others to add to the ‘Rules’ -Pesty

Anonymous said…

I saw that deleted post, and thought huh??!! Geeez, what a day!!…My mother says I should play nicer on the “Chatter”!! LOL Jules

Anonymous said…

That was no spam message, that was a message from me, Ricky Bobby, racing legend and all around nice guy. I always pray to Baby Jesus before eating dinner or visiting message boards. I visited that board and got mauled by a cougar, my Crystal Gayle shirt is ruined and I didn’t learn a thing about kindness. Other than that it was great. Take care Jules, bye Goliath, I’m going to jump in my car now and go fast. 😉

Goliath said…

Me sorry Ricky…Me no unnerstand so me took it out. Apolegies!

Anonymous said…

That’s ok Goliath, it’s not your fault. I’m all jacked up on Mountain Dew and people tend to jump on me like spider monkeys on a cupcake.

Anonymous said…

CCC brings out the best in people don’t cha know, the more you read the dumber they get. I get more laughs from CCC than I do comics. The catfight that Abbysnanna has going on is a riot!!!!!

Anonymous said…

Enjoyed that did you??!! LOL So did we!! 🙂 Although I’m trying to be a much better person now…Key word, “trying”!! For today anyway. 🙂 Jules

cindiloohoo said…

“CCC brings out the best in people don’t cha know, the more you read the dumber they get. I get more laughs from CCC than I do comics. The catfight that Abbysnanna has going on is a riot!!!!!” I find it amusing that the avatar she has chosen for herself is more appropriate for a barely-legal, hot-to-trot stripper than someone’s “nana.” Pretty much screams female middle aged desperation. Might even explain a lot of the belligerence. Unlike Jules, I don’t try to be a nice when dealing with people who froth at the mouth (although I give Jules great credit and respect for her amazing self-control). Does that make me a bad person?

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  1. Jules
    November 5, 2015 at 6:14 pm

    Big G can the Poop Poem featured above get it’s own “I remember when” revisit??…I’d forgotten how funny that way and the drama going on at the time…Those were the days my friends. 🙂

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