CCC steps up : Squelches subversive thread.

Goliath as all and many know, generally has a low view of the antics over at the CCC. But Goliath tips his hat to Quasar shutting down and locking thread posted by traitor “PESTY  V.2 ”  with big fancy pants ‘poll’ asking whether to bring back despicable HT.

Just so you know…Hoosiertaxpayer…aka ‘batboy’ spends his time blogging about Clark County events and issuing vile slanders about Quasar and some of the other denizens of the CCC.  Goliath always declared war on CCC and, without exception has vanquished the CCC in cyber battle.  But…still…Goliath recognizes Quasars absolute right to squelch subversion and dissent in the ccc ranks.  Congratulations to the CCC for “Nipping it in the bud”.

HT is under investigation, currently, on the award of the “Goliath Trophy” 2011 Goliath Awardfor best internet website that was given in 2012.  It appears that there may have been some corruption (or allegations of corruption…we wish to avoid a slander suit)  of HT winning this prestigious award.  Pesty was deeply involved in that process and therefore remains deeply suspect.

We tip our Goliath hat to Quasar for the wisdom of shutting down the subversive poll and thread. As all and many know, YMC is a computer genius …easily capable of  ‘fixing’ the poll results and falsely showing that HT was wanted back on the CCC by the CCC membership.



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