CCC still down and out

Goliath roused from his slumber and tried to check in on the beloved vanquished website, the CCC. To the dismay of the all and the many the CCC is still down.  Goliath thought..maybe they has done blocked me. So Goliath went to another computer not connected to no dad blasted Goliath and guess what? Still it was blocked.  Then Goliath call YMC.Image result for Matt Chinn

YMC says he has done been visited by the NSA.  They questioned him relentlessly.  But YMC called in a

team of top notch legal hot shots. They done advised that YMC’s only statement is “I can neither confirm nor deny I hacked out the guts and liver of the CCC…my top team of hot shot lawyers advised me to make no comments and I cannot confirm nor deny they told me that.”

Meanwhile …a fury raging over on that sad…outdated weblog…the “BatBlog” or “Hossiertaxpaidto” or “the Jeffersonville Clark County Blog” The Jeffersonville, Clark Co. Blog (TheBatBlogwhat is running articles in the midst of Goliath’s slumber.  (also running polls on the local elections…what make it very very clear the Batblog is hacked in it’s guts and liver too…as it has Kelley Curran as top vote getter in her race. Probably hacked by Russel Brooksbank who went to Toys R Us and got on a bunch of  “freedom computers” for 4 yrs old and up and went on the Batblog and multiple voted.)

Image result for Patriotic eagleQuasar came on the batblog too…claims its all ok.  Nothing to see here folks move along.  So…Quasar continues to remain at a remove from the actual facts of the matter.  Still, Quasar was good enough to call “Bullshit” on some of the shellacking what the hacking  and slacking click clacking of the Batblog commenters was saying.  So good on you Q!

Back to bidness….then as we send out Pesty Flannigan to seek deeply into the mysteries of this horrible event and we tell HT he now has the weight of all Southern Indiana on his back to cover the news of elections on election day.  Don’t expect Help from GAW….we are only covering concerts, music and culture these days.