CHERUB and Gibbz cut loose in Mercury Ballroom

Fans of the Nashville, Tenn., indie-electronic-ish based band CHERUB, were waiting in line hours before the show started. And before CHERUB took stage, they had officially sold out the Mercury Ballroom on Feb. 23.


GIbbz watches CHERUB perform from VIP balcony

Mike Floss and Gibbz lubed the crowd up for CHERUB to slide in, and it was on.

Before CHERUB took stage, two openers Mike Floss and Gibbz helped set it off and hype the audience. Gibbz, who successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his first full length album, kicked off the night with a mix of live keyboards, guitar work—and in an age where autotune is the norm—impressive vocals.

And then CHERUB tagged in.

Cherub mayhem

CHERUB mayhem

CHERUB, two Nashville natives and college buddies Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber, ignited the ballroom and turnt the crowd with a mix of energy, sound and soul. For a band who grew from word of mouth, blogs, internet and festivals, it’s not hard to see why CHERUB deserves their spot in the world of music.

Work hard, play hard and deserve hard.

Going to a CHERUB concert for the first time is like going to a swingers’ party—you’re a bit nervous, pretty sure it’s going to be fun, but not really sure what to expect. And an unexpected “grab” to attention can lead to magical mayhem.

CHERUB inserted themselves into the crowd handing out water, giving birthday shoutouts and fondling fans (just kidding, well…maybe?). In a nutshell, the band wanted fans to know that they were there for them. The crowd new every lyric and the band even cracked a joke about their biggest single, “Doses and Mimosas” before shutting the venue down.

“This guy in the third row has been screaming ‘champagne and cocaine’ the entire show,” Huber joked.

And in, what might believe is a CHERUB ritual, the crowd was golden-showered with champagne in a crowd-summoned encore.

Check out this clip of Cherub performing their hit song “Doses and Mimosas” and see the photo gallery below.

If you get the chance to see Cherub, don’t miss it.