What time Goliath has been resting and feeling very very good about all the cyberwars has been done won

and the many foes bested, including Narvik and the CCC  whether commanded by Grumpy Granny or the ignomius rock brain Quasar (all in one two front war BTW) along come some smart mouthed crooked wimmens that was a former friend of GAW.   THis here Cindiloohoo.  Recently emboldened by the success of her beloved leader, Donald the Trump she now have the gall and unmitagated insufferable comeupance to come on the Gawnews site and start bad mouthing the most greatest and glorious Giant of all Southern Indiana cyberspace.   This willnot  stand!!


So we is here devoting a whole post to this VERY CROOKED NASTY wimmen! First let us recall how she battled with the beloved Abbysnanana on the CCC embarassing the good and glorious causes for which she stood. Next let us recall how she filmed a commercial for Goliathandwimmens but made a point to bad mouth the mighty Goliath even as she sought to praise and not bury him!  Now she has audacity to spout out a big opinion on the Clark County Democrat facebook page vowing certain and unmitigating war on the beloved  GOP party and all its minions.


This is a poor excuse for Cyber discussion and with this POST we throw a might LANCE to pierce the smart mouthed….uppity….not knows her place feminine attitude.   We pierce thee.  We make thee bleed!!!

We offer this song: