City Attorney Comments on INDOT Committing to April 30 Opening for Big Four Ramp

Les Merkley, Jeffersonville City Attorney released a statement, EXCLUSIVE to Gawnews:

Gawnews asked: “I got the Dalai Lemme saying “The Mayor said on WHAS radio that he has the promise from the State in writing. GAWnews should show it.” I would like to do that. Can you scan and email the written promise from the State? Along with any other comments from the City?”

Mr. Merkley responded promptly as follows:

“We have copies of the change orders prepared by INDOT for the temporary lighting and barricades to allow the early opening of the Big Four. INDOT asked Redevelopment to call a special meeting to approve these change orders. I attended a meeting on March 26 with INDOT officials at which time they agreed to pay 80% of the temporary lighting so the bridge would open on April 30th. We would have never called a special meeting and approved INDOT’s change orders without an understanding the bridge would open on April 30th.”