CIVIL Wars? City vs. City Moore throws down on C-Ville


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(Remember,  a civil complaint only gives one side of a story)



According to the Courier Journal, The City of Jeffersonville has sued Clarksville’s ass for stopping up the Street. Dude…We didn’t see this one coming. But check it OUT.



Ok, so Gawnews has not covered the Jeff Mayor’s crusade to stop Greater Clark Schools from buying Clark County Auto Auction’s land on tenth street and making a  bus depot out of it because, actually, that about as boring as dried paint to Gawnews and it was being well covered by others. (Congrats HT!)  But, then things have started going weird.

The Zoning Board met on March 22 and nixed the proposal. According to an insider it was quite a show with more lawyers in the room than a Hillary Clinton email investimergation.  But, ok…the Board said nope and it’s on to the City Council.

So, a week later on March 28 Gawnews noted the News and Tribune had a little item about how Court Avenue’s extension into the Colgate Plant area by KYES is going to be closed for a couple days. Gaw News is all like… “ok…got it”  remembering how that area had been undergoing some revamps for a while and Gawnews hearing ‘rumors’ that this area is to be “Slicked up” quite nice to coordinate nicely with developing Downtown Jeff.

Then next thing you know  BOOM  ….Jeff Mayor Mike Moore is all up on Facebook with a slam on Clarksville and their Lawyer and  …IT’S ON!!!

Mike Moore said: ” This is how bad neighbors behave. Fresh off losing a 5-1 vote to sell 12 acres to Greater Clark on Tenth Street for a bus compound, Paul Fetter, who is the Town Board President of Clarksville ordered a Jeffersonville street demolished. Clarksville has no legal authority to shut down a Jeffersonville street and Jeff businesses….and yet he did. Coincidentally the new Clarksville Town Board Attorney is none other then Greg Fifer, who represents the Auto Auction and Greater Clark Schools. BAD NEIGHBORS, BAD POLITICIANS…BAD FOR CLARK COUNTY.”

Whoa!  so,  then comes Deb Gillenwater Repping for her husband Chris Sturgeon who posted this:

“Mayor Moore and others,

You have assumed facts that did not take place. For starters, no street in Jeffersonville was demolished. The area shown is owned by the Town of Clarksville and is not yet a street. It is currently an entrance to Water Tower Square that Clarksville is converting to a through Street on property owned by the Clarksville.

Further, this action was not taken at “the order” of Mr. Fetter. The contractor, Temple & Temple, requested the action so they could finish their work. After consulting with me, the Redevelopment Director, Dylan Fisher, told them it was ok. Nether Mr. Fetter nor Mr. Fifer were part of the decision.

As for businesses, the majority of the property is owned by the Cornerstone Group, and they gave their approval beforehand. Another business Kye’s was advised of it by voicemail, and this work was done this week, instead of last week, at her request.

These are the facts of what took place. Nothing malicious is/was intended. Clarksville is only trying to finish the project to extend Court Avenue to improve transportation.

Chris Sturgeon
Clarksville Town Attorney”

So, then Mike Moore is all back at Sturgeon with this:

“Chris, I’m afraid your legal opinion is incorrect. I wish you had taken the time to return one of the several phone calls our city attorney has left you over the past few weeks.”



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