Clark County Courts BUSTING at the SEAMS Part 1

There are no Courts, taken as a whole, NONE in the whole State of Indiana that handle a heavier case load than our Clark County Courts.  People love to complain and cry about what they perceive as inadequacies or failures of the Courts.  This article is to provide some perspective to this issue.  Here  in Clark County we have 4 Circuit Courtrooms, i.e., 4 judges. We have 2 Magistrates. We also have Jeffersonville City Court and Clarksville Town Court. (These latter two handle only misdemeanors DUI, Battery, Public Intox. etc.,)   According to figures released in a survey by the Indiana Supreme Court, our Clark County Judges are handling, on average, about 1800 more cases a year…PER COURT than the average Indiana judge handles.   Last year, there were 1,624,751 cases filed in Indiana.  Those were distributed between 464 judges and magistrates for an average workload of 3501 cases per judge.   In Clark County, however, we had 38,542 cases filed. Most of these were not in the town or city courts but, regardless,  dividing these amongst judges, magistrates and the municipal courts, means the judges in Clark County, on average, handled 4,817 cases per judge.

Take a look at some comparable sized counties.  Clark has a population of about 112,000.   Over in Delaware County, they have a population of @117,000. With 10 courts and 27,456 new cases,  Delaware courts handle about 2,745 cases per judge. Look at LaPorte County. Population 111,000.  They have 8 courts…but only 27424 new cases for a workload of 3,474 cases per judge.   Here is the raw data  from the Indiana Supreme Court:  CLICK on IMAGE for ENHANCED VIEW