Clark County PROSTITUTION ring cases….Still hanging…

Goliath got a jolt the other day…. a fellow ink stained wretch….(i.e. a REAL journalist) tipped Goliath to the idea that the ‘customer list’  from the Clark County Prostitution Ring case might be ‘out there’.  This case was first reported in the NT back in August of 2011.

You may recall that Marisa D. Ruckel, 20,Ruckel, Marisa wb.jpg of Jeffersontown, Ky.; Kristen A. Nakayama, 19,Nakayama, Kristen wb.jpg of New Albany; Donna F. Liani, 32, Liani, Donna wb.jpgof Westport, Ky.; and Amanda L. Driskell, 22, Driskell, Amanda wb.jpgand Abigail E. Perry, 21,Perry, Abigail wb.jpg of Louisville,  were all charged with  consorting with males for profits and cash.  That was …hmm…lets see…about 19 months ago.   What happened to their cases????   Hey…you don’t have to check …that’s what GOLIATH is here for.  It turn out that three of these here gals’ cases are still pending.  Two of ’em appear to have some kinder deal. For example,  Ms. Nakayama has got a ‘diversion’ deal.  another has a deal (according to the case record) for ‘conversion’…but no date set to enter the deal so technically the charge is pending. Conversion is legal mumbo jumbo for ‘misdemeanor theft’.  Goliath kinda suspect’s the record is in error and she got diversion too. But …what ever.  The other cases is all pending and set for ‘further negotiatin’ sessions next month. One case was set for bench trial the other day..but that didn’t happen.

Meanwhile, there’s the cases of Ivan DeLeon Ivan Deleon and his wife Jeanacarol Kaufman who were charged with being pimps and ‘corrupt bidness influences’. There story was covered in the media.

But if you go to check out THEIR cases….it a quite different history going on.  Defense Attorney Bart Betteau is representing Mrs. DeLeon and it seems he filed one or two motions to keep the prosecutors spinning around a bit.  Those cases are pending. Goliath gots to laugh a little as Mr. DeLeon’s attorney later filed a motion that said…”Hey…what SHE said”  (“Defendant by counsel moves to join in all arguments and motions except for control issues made by co-defendant Jeanacarol Kaufman through his counsel. State has no objections. Motion granted.”)  

Goliath also noticed up there good old “Black Bart” (Betteau) (friend of Goliath)  Bart M. Betteaualso filed an interesting motion that had the judge ‘reviewing’ a certain item of discovery ‘in camera’..That means in the secrecy of the judge’s chamber.  Could it be “the list”?   If Goliath was a betting giant (and Goliath most certainly is a betting Giant)  Goliath would bet it was that there list.  Goliath figure this because Goliath note in the record that a ‘protective order’ was issued.  Goliath imagine that is the fancy legal way of saying…ok …we give you the list..but you CAN’T release it to the public!  Just guessin’

One thing for sure…Goliath see enough snarls and snags and hitches and hoops in the case of Mr. and Mrs DeLeon ….that there likely to be tied up well and good until everybody just get dad blasted TIRED of dealing with it.

But, meanwhile,  Goliath see the “ink stained wretch” again today..he say..Nope…the list is not out there.