Clark County Recorder’s Race: CRUM VS. PAYNE???

Today Lincoln Crum: “Local Guy”  announced he was running for Recorder on Facebook.  (A first?)  Here’s the exchange for you non FB’rs that didn’t see it:


Look out Clark County Politics, this Local Guy is about to get in the race!!!!!!!
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  • Janetta M Dell-Coley you go Lincoln…so what are you going for?..
  • Lincoln Crum Clark County Recorder
    Goliath also got it on the down Low that Zach Payne,  currently the second youngest Jeffersonville City Councilperson (from whom we haven’t heard a peep since he got elected) is going to throw his hat into the race on the REPUBLICAN  side.  Here’s an NT photo of Zach with fellow upstart, Matt “The Kid with the big Game”  Owen:  (Photo by Kevin McGloshen)
    Mr. Payne is going to be running from the Republican side of the ticket,  Crum from the Democrat side.