Clark Republicans step in it.

WHAT????   Has Goliath EYES done gone and DECEIVED HIM???  Did Goliath just hear that the Clark Repubs done had lost their MINDS and decide to run someone agin Joe Weber????

Are you KIDDING ME???!!   Oh MY HEATHERN GAWDS!!!    Wait… wait a minute… Maybe Goliath is being to quik like to judge.  Did they get somebody proven? Somebody with Pull?  Someone with prior experience and the background like Abe Navarro?  Abe we know is smart and fair.   Could be a problem.   Did they pick Tom Lowe…former elected town court Judge and City Attorney..former Deputy Prosecutor with a monster trial record?   Maybe somebody strong family named…. the OTHER SON of George “Buzz” Jacobs???? How about a strong good looking woman like Lisa Glickfield..cut into the ‘woman vote’ thing. ????

Who? …  Say that again….

“Kyle Williams”

Kyle Williams? Goliath know Kyle and he is a perfectly fine fellow.  But Goliath believes this is not a good move. Nope. This is not a good move at all.

OH MY HEATHERN GAWDS…..Jeremy Mull just  bought some rope to go hang himself.  If Jamie Noel had a lick of sense so would he.   Oppossing Joe Weber simply mobilizes the Dem troops most especially ALL of Clarksville.  Races such as Mulls or Sheriff’s  will now see a large influx of STRAIGHT DEM VOTERS.

Don’t you realize running against Joe Weber is like Running against HArry Truman????  ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

I see some people are whispering and trying to put the blame on DAN MOORE as convincing Jamie Noel to run Kyle against Joe as “REVENGE” for his loss.   For those what thinks that …Goliath has only one thing to say…”ARE YOU NUTS?”