CNN Employee Finds Sensitive DHS Super Bowl Report in Airplane Seat Pocket

Here in America, we like to pride ourselves in going the extra mile when it comes to issues of national security. But implementing that logic into everyday common sense: not so much.

The best thing that came from Super Bowl weekend wasn’t the football game itself, the game was as thrilling as watching this pendulum feed. The best part of the Super Bowl was a the sensitive report from the department of homeland security left laying in the pocket of a fucking commercial airline flight. 

What’s even more amusing than the sensitive documents, which were labeled “for official use only,” and had instructions to be locked away and destroyed after used, was what actually inside the report.

Evident the report outlined a “simulated biological warfare attack” which law enforcement agencies near the site of the Super Bowl could use as a form of training in the event of such an attack.

As if this weren’t bad enough, there was also a travel itinerary for a senior level official within the bio-watch program.


Dr. Michael Walter

NOTE: Let it be known the investigative team here at GAWNews believes the senior level official who’s travel itinerary was left belonged to Michael V. Walter, Ph.D., the leader of the BioWatch program with the Department of Homeland Security


Update1: It appears as though there appears to be a serious effort to remove certain internet footprints belonging to Walter.

Will Update More soon.

Update2: Someone has removed a LinkedIn account belonging to Michael V. Walter Source 

Update3: At some point is looks as though Dr. Walter participated in either a Q&A session or was interviewed for a Biodefence World Submit