Cruise Ship Coverage; why CNN sucks

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I watch CNN. I say this using the same tone when I admit watching couples argue in the grocery store.

CNN has its benefits. It has a massive global outreach. It’s got correspondents all over the place. It doesn’t have some crazy slant like MSNBC or Fox News.

CNN’s biggest problem?

It’s a 24-hour news network.

original.0You see 24-hour news networks biggest downfall is they often have no idea what they’re covering. CNN, to me, is sometimes the equivalent of the kid in school who scream’s “FIght, there’s a fight.” The guy’s got no clue who or why, but he’ll damn well repeat himself a few times. They know there is a story, but they don’t have enough information about it, so they just sort of wing it and hope it works.

Case and point: The Carnival Cruise Ship ordeal.

The network had a timer when the cruise ship would be arriving.

“We’re four hours away,” they kept saying.

“Very soon we should start receiving emails and tweets from tourists onboard.”

“We’ll show you the terrible conditions of the inside of the ship as soon as we get photos from inside.”

The correspondents were actually salivating over showing human shit on live television.

They couldn’t freaking wait to show it. 

They were out in the ocean on a boat, circling the vessel in a helicopter and interviewing family members here in the US.

To me, the story should have read, “Carnival Cruise broken; there is shit.”