County Courthouse MIA-POW flag.

Goliath see  the good old POW MIA flag waving proudly at the Clark County Courthouse. 

I was wondering about that POWMIA flag.  It’s been up there a long time. This is a shout out for information on HOW did it become a feature of the Clark County Courthouse?

It has been there as long as I can recall.  Goliath remembers that some believed that when the USA left Vietnam,  some POW’s who were reported only as MIA were ‘left behind’ and that this is the origin of the flag.  But, these days nobody seems to believe that.

So Goliath just wondering if this is an artifact of an old and discredited conspiracy theory?  Who decides what flags fly at the Courthouse?  Is it just me or is it kinda weird the Indiana State Flag isn’t flown?

Does Clark County have a flag? What’s it look like?

Meanwhile..the flag is controversial: “It’s a mark of national insanity,” says American cultural historian and Rutgers University professor H. Bruce Franklin, who has written critically about the POW/MIA movement. “There weren’t any POWs left in Vietnam after Operation Homecoming. So how did this happen? … Because people manufactured the POW issue. Ross Perot and [Richard] Nixon sat down in their office and manufactured the issue,” he says. See US NEW story: