Courthouse News: Stewart seeks Death for Hooten; Courthouse picking up slack form multiple trials, Jim Baxter Trial Underway in Circuit 3

JEFFERSONVILLE-   The Clark County Prosecutor filed Capital Murder charges against Richard Hooten,  self-confessed killer and rapist.  The charges will go before Judge Vicki Carmichael,  her first Death Penalty case we believe.

Meanwhile,  the family of the victim, Tara Willenborg was in the Courthouse facing the situation, including the media ‘circus’ surrounding the case.   Down the Hall in Circuit 2,  retired Judge,  Dan Donahue was filling in for Judge Jacobi with the daily scrum of drug cases that is probably the most depressing for your general everyday court experience as you see the waste of human lives being ‘processed’.

In Circuit 3,  the trial of Jim Baxter was underway.  Baxter is charged with Battery to  a Cop and Resisting Law Enforcement.  Goliath stopped in and captured the action as DPA Michaela Gilbert Top

exams Officer Streets of the Charlestown PD.  Judge Joe Weber presides.  This here is interesting case because it is widely known that usually in criminal cases originating from Charlestown,  there is no such thing as just a DUI arrest or a Possession Arrest…. for street crime its always the Tri-fecta of the underlying crime PLUS Resisting AND Battery to the Cop.   So this case is nice because there is no underlying crime. Just RESISTING LAW ENFORCEMENT and BATTERY TO THE COP.   Also,  source tell Goliath that the defendant harbors suspicions of being subjected to Cop Persecution.  Hence his persecution complex probably led him to the trouble he got in and the arrest and subsequent trial make his paranoia a self-fulfilling event.

 Meanwhile,  Goliath getting lot of buzz back on the Big Four Ramp Failure article (see below…on the mainpage).  One trenchant comment was made by a local media observer…”Funny how they are trying to shift the blame for the delay off on to the so called ‘complaints’ of the people that live near the ramp. Like not the fault of the City,  not the Fault of the Engineer, nor the Architect nor any of the planners…the delay is because of the “COMPLAINTS”  of neighbors…i.e., Joe Sixpacks that live near the bridge.”