Crashing into 2017: The Clark County Scene

Mid February- 2017:  Over here at the Goliath compound the blows have been coming hard as we stop to consider exactly what our new President “Littlefinger” Image result for littlefingerand his “extreme vetting process” is going to mean for Goliath and his immediate family.  As the all and the many know very very well,  Goliath is a swarthy skinned foreigner from what is now partly modern day Syria and partly Lebanon and Israel. Image result for Philistine map Goliath wondering if the powers of the new unfriendly to the Philistine President will drop down on him, Sheba el Al, Little Haj and Tamara.   The Sprout, (see photo below)  presumably will be safe from deportation since she a natural born American and what not.

Then there is the ‘Fake News’ issue.  Goliath having serious second thoughts about the multitude of “Fake news” what he done throwed into the cyberspace mix just for fun….along with the multitude of ACTUAL REAL news over the years.  It seemed like all good fun and games and Goliath always assumed his readers were a relatively intelligent bunch that could tell when he was kidding and when he wasn’t.  But,  now it’s an actual fact that we see higher ups like the President Littlefinger and his minions, KellyAnne and Spice spouting “Real Fake News as Real News”* (trademarked phrase by GAWNEWS.COM) or “Alternative Fake Facts”* (also and likewise trademarked right here).   Such as  ‘the Massacre at Bowling Green”  (very very similar to the Gawnews story of Goliath’s overwhelming defeat of the nation of Norway and, specifically the town of Narvik). “The Terror attacks of Atlanta” and “the HUGE CROWDS at the inaugaration” (similar to Goliath’s claims of massive readerships)  or the claim that “3 to 5 million votes were illegal”.  ( a continuing theme regarding polling done by Gawnews.)  That claim was so contagious it spreadly like an STD to the Batblog when libertarians “Freeped” Batbrain’s last election poll and also appeared in a somewhat muted form on the old and now demised Clark County Chatter.

So,  we figure Gawnews has a lot to answer for.   So for all that we say  “Sorry America …we didn’t mean for that to happen”.


Gawnews has remained largely silent when it comes to local goings on.  We saw the whacked up tale of Mike Popplewell as he claimed to be the victim of “Politics” only to first quit his police man job, then give up his job on the council.  With that much sticky icky stuff going on, you would think the local GOP would play it straight when it came to caucasing his replacement.  But…No…it was too tempting to try to bring in a ringer and, I guess, hope nobody noticed.  You gotta wonder though…did they really think Tony Bennett would not be noticed for not living in the County?  WHOA!


60 Day Sin

Gaw news stopped watching this show after about the third episode of season one.  We think, in the end it was a kind of fun thing…but,  not sure it lived up to the hype of either the show biz world or of the stated purposes the Sheriff gave for doing it.  But,  not sure it hurt anything too bad.  However we have heard that it resulted in some damn weird goings on in the realm of personal relationships.  Disasters even.  So it make us wonder here at Gawnews when we heard a tale that a NEW reality show is going to be done in the CCJail or, as we like to refer to it,  “The Michael Becher Correctional Facility”.  Supposedly a show focused on a participant in the 60 Day Sin show that now works in the jail as a regular job.   Maybe it will be great and all and we wish them well if true…but,  Goliath thinks we gonna sit this one out.




Clark County Democrats

So the CCDEMs are fixing to square off and select a new  party chairman in March.  We understand the contendahs are Josh  “Call me by my name” Rodriquez,

Rodriquez wins

Josh Rodriquez, current Jeffersonville City Councilman.


















Dustin “That’s MISTER White”  White,  and Diane “Non-Toxic”  Swank.

Goliath knows all three and they all have pros and cons.  During this inter-party struggle for leadership (mirroring the national scene in many ways)  it’s natural to have some tough things going on and harsh feelings.  Goliath hopes that when the votes are finally totaled and the smoke clears, that the two that lose will cheerfully accept the outcome and come together and support the party as it goes forward.  I certainly offer all three candidates (or anyone else) the opportunity to send Goliath their statement as to what their plans are and why they are the best candidate for leadership.

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