Crazy Life: Shout out to Matt Owen and the Clarksville Town Board

I can’t help it if everything is crazy.  Goliath likes to take a stroll on the noon hour and dig through garbage cans and stuff left in the alleyways of old Jeffersonville. Today, pulled a copy of the News tribune out of the trash and read where Clarksville Town Council is now REVERSING its decision to disband the Committee to FInd a brand spanking NEW town Mangager.  Gee.  They are so crazy over there. First they actually had a town manager named Rick Dickman. (he was in some kinda dad blasted job title like “Redevelopmental Director of Big Fancy Projects” etc., but …really, he was town manager.  Then, the new board come in and finds Dickman got a contract but, still , as a good old boy…he got to go.  Never mind he done good work for Cvill all them years.

Dickman ….for a little history …is now a crotchety old white haired guy with a Viagra prescription.  But,  funny thing is that ‘back in the day’ he was essentially the equivalent of “the Kid with Game”  i.e. Matt Owen. Dickman was a product of the sixties

Yeah…you know…flower power,  ‘don’t trust anybody over thirty’ and acid and the evil weed etc.,  But, like young Matt Owen…Dickman and a couple local legends thought they could get in and ‘change gummit’ from the inside. So started a long career. So look well Matt Owen…look well.   A year or so ago the Cvill town father kicked Rick out on his ASS.  Thanks but ‘get lost’.    Funny thing is…ever since…Clarksville hasnn’t done a damn thing (except let their police department run wild).

Then comes the big plan…Town Manager !!!!!   Git this…Rick Dickman  will apply for that spot and DEFY the board to find anyone with his credentials and experience to do the job.  So …what happened?  They CRASH the committee.  “We can’t afford it!”

But this mopery is soooooooooooo stupid that a week later they have to reanimate the committe just like the Witch of Endor re-animated Goliath after he got his head cut off. But now,  POLSTON says “we gotta hire from Clarksville”

Boys…boys boys boys….. Just hire Rick and get it over with. The funny thing is…you will be glad you did.


Kudos to Matt Chinn…for keeping his head down: 


5 comments for “Crazy Life: Shout out to Matt Owen and the Clarksville Town Board

  1. Lono, Curse of
    October 23, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    Thank you G. I was a mite concerned…..
    So, are all those emails about the free millions waiting in
    an account bogus too? Dang!

  2. peggy
    October 24, 2013 at 12:07 am

    it about time somebody told it the way it is, by the way there has been 6 murder in town, sevral shot died in there home, bring ingle back all they had to write about then was were the chief lived

    • October 24, 2013 at 11:14 pm

      Dwight was alright.

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